Registration 2023

Enroling products in the competition

Welcome to Food Craftsmanship FC competition in Rovaniemi on 17.–19.10.2023!

The registration is open for entrepreneurs from Finland, as well as from Norrbotten, Sweden and Troms, Finnmark and Nordland in Norway.

The enrolment is open until 17 September 2023.

The participation fee for this year’s competition is 45e/product. Members of the Finnish Food Craftsmanship Association are eligible for 10 euros discount which makes the participation fee 35e/product.

Before enroling your products in the competition, please read through the competition rules and other information on the competition info page.

Please note, that as the organizer’s resources are limited, the enrolment form, as well as the competition rules are available only in Finnish and Swedish. If you have any questions concerning the competition, please contact Henna Kukkonen: