Competition rules 2023

Competition rules

Before enroling in the competition, it is important to read carefully the competition rules. The first chapter of the rules (“Allmänt” or “Yleistä”) applies to all participants. It is also good to look more closely into the specific instructions and restrictions concerning your own product category / categories.

The categories for this year’s competition are:
1. Dairy products
2. Charcuterie
3. Fish products
4. Baked goods (bread, pies & pastries)
5. Fruit and berry products
6. Vegetable and mushroom products
7. Snacks and food souvenirs
8. Beverages (alcoholic & alcohol free)
9. Innovative food craft
+ Arctic food craft
+ Food packaging

The competition information document includes instructions concerning the delivery of products for the competition, as well as information about the evaluation.

Please note, that as the organizer’s resources are limited, the competition rules, as well as the enrolment form are available only in Finnish and Swedish. If you have any questions concerning the enrolment, please contact Henna Kukkonen: